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Technical Assistance Into Project Control Field

BiBuilt Provide Technical Assistance into Project Control for the Construction Sector including Oil and Gas, Building and Infrastructure Projects :

Successful projects begin when proper planning and procedures are implemented systematically with an ultimate goal of achieving predetermined objectives. A project management plan should be supported by project control processes that monitor work and identify whether the work is proceeding according to plan. To make that determination, project controls personnel assess the data and determine actions to prevent or correct issues.

Project complexity, organization maturity, team experience, cost, project importance, and other factors determine the level of control needed. Excessive control can cause project costs to spiral upward and divert resources from more important tasks. Lax control can lead to delays, errors, political repercussions, and lower-than-expected project quality.

Project controls is a BiBuilt core competency. Since our beginnings in the Oil & Gas Sector, We maintained this leadership by managing more than $2 billion in construction projects and programs; by actively participating in trade organizations such as Project Management Institute (PMI) and AACE International—that advance knowledge of project controls; and by supporting staff efforts to secure appropriate credentials (PMI Project Management Professional certification).

Services Provided:

– Project Control Procedure and implementation in accordance with PMI Standard

– Scheduling, with using Primavera and MS Project Tools

– Progress Measurment, With using WEBPCM Tools

– Earned Value Management, With using WEBPCM Tools

– Cost Control, With using WEBPCM Tools

– Document Control, With using WEBPCM Tools

– Reporting, With using WEBPCM Tools

Overview on WEBPCM Product

WEBPCM (WEB Project Control Module) is fast becoming the global software standard for the project controls industry. A web-based platform for Mobile and Desktop, provides the deepest capabilities to support the complete spectrum of solutions within the Project Controls discipline – from project portfolio management and capital program management, through budgeting, forecasting, and performance reporting.

WEBPCM bridges the gap that has traditionally existed between planning and managing project execution.

Why an Enterprise Project Controls Solution?

Executives, project controllers, cost analysts and those responsible for monitoring and improving project performance need to be able to answer fundamental questions quickly and easily. The questions appear straightforward:

  • What is the current budget?

  • How much has been spent?

  • Why has the forecast changed?

  • Are we performing efficiently?

Unfortunately , in most cases finding the answers is daunting and difficult.

Organizations have lacked the proper tools. Finance and ERP systems have proven cumbersome and too rigid for project planning and cost controls since they focus on accounting needs.

Scheduling systems lack the necessary focus on costs and historical data. Even organizations delivering large megaprojects still rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets and manual, disconnected processes for project budgeting, forecasting, and performance measurement.

These manual processes for data manipulation and cost reporting are time consuming, error-prone, and leave little time for analysis and making performance improving recommendations.


WEBPCM excels in three areas:

(1) WEBPCM delivers the ability to perform best practice project cost controls directly within the system.

(2) WEBPCM was designed to serve as a world-class integration platform as well, facilitating the creation of a “single version of the truth” that encompasses data from schedules, cost actuals, commitments and contracts, timesheets, and more.

(3) WEBPCM leverages its built-in reporting engine to provide automated, real-time reports and dashboards, controlled by end users rather than a reliance on IT or outside consultants.

Despite the deep planning and cost control capabilities, WEBPCM is easy-to-use. It leverages an Excel-like interface, but runs on a database with full business rule enforcement, audit trail, and role-based security.

The system’s configurability allows customers to tailor spreadsheets, formulas, reports and even terminology to create the best possible fit for an organization’s specific industry and internal needs.

WEBPCM is a different kind of enterprise software solution which delivers a superior project controls experience having been engineered to be easy-to-use, flexible, and responsive.

WEBPCM is an easy-to-use, web-based software platform designed to provide full lifecycle project controls in a single system. The following is a sampling of our product features which help deliver the WEBPCM advantage to our full spectrum of project controls solutions.

WEBPCM Integration Technology

Project Controls Support

  • Centralized repository for all project costs

  • Standardized cost control structures with project-specific flexibility

  • Scalable for large enterprises and capital programs

  • Powerful reporting

  • Time-Phasing: Time-phase budgets, forecasts, estimates, and funding for all types of costs, quantities, and hours, including payments, commitments and changes.

  • Dynamically re-plan and analyze from different perspectives

  • Trend analysis and contingency

  • Dashboards & Executive Visibility

  • Define and enforce change control processes

  • “What-If” scenario planning & comparisons

  • Comprehensive multi-currency management

  • Historical Data and Auditing

Technology Design

  • Web based and scalable: With virtually no limits on number of transactions, projects, hierarchy structures, levels, WEBPCM can accommodate the largest projects and organizations within a single central database accessed via a standard web browser.

  • Industry-leading systems integration

  • Ease of Implementation: Rapid software implementation through configuration rather than complex customization.

  • Unlimited versioning and snapshots

  • Unlimited customized fields


  • Configurable web-based spreadsheets, forms, reports, and dashboards

  • Role-based security

  • Drilldown visibility

  • Built-in end user report builder

  • Management by non-technical resources: Setting up and modifying the EcoSys configuration does not require technical resources or custom programming, creating a transparent solution that can be transferred and managed internally by power business users.

  • Address multiple maturity levels in one enterprise system.

WEBPCM is a modern, 100% web-based software platform customizedd for Desktop and Mobile access. The software system was architected from its inception as a multi-user, multi-project enterprise web application.

WEBPCM provides lightweight, rich HTML/AJAX functionality, role-based security, and robust dashboards and reporting. The software offers flexible configuration capabilities without the need for customizations, ensuring that software support and upgrades are always available.

All WEBPCM modules are part of one fully-integrated software system; there is no need to integrate separate modules and technology platforms.

Platform Architecture:

WEBPCM is entirely web-based, granting users full access to all features using only a web browser. This architecture eliminates the need to install client software or browser plug-ins, and upgrades are centralized and easy to deploy. It has been architected with enterprise performance and scalability as key elements of its design:

  • WEBPCM Runs with Microsoft SQL Server database platforms

  • The middle tier runs on industry-leading application server technologies and is scalable vertically and horizontally

  • Core technologies of Java and DHTML provide a secure, scalable, and responsive platform

  • Systems administrators have access to integrated system performance metrics and resource monitoring tools


WEBPCM’s logic and reporting engine is the component that enables many of the defining elements of the software platform — configurable views, forms, and dashboards, built-in reporting, tailorable business logic, and role-based security. It underlies both interactive screens in the WEBPCM web user-interface and all integration technologies.

The engine’s powerful architecture and sophisticated design also delivers exceptional performance. Select features include:

  • Execution of calculations in parallel threads for maximum performance and responsiveness

  • Strategic in-memory and disk caching speeds up access to common data

WEBPCM supports many millions of records, advanced reporting, and serves an integral role in managing some of the world’s largest and most complex projects.

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