I can see we have huge problem. I sent an email to your address “bachir.yazbek@bibuilt.com” it was not delivered. You did not tell me that you have all your email addresses connected to wordpress.com hosting. If your all emails are not at goddady but at wordpress.com old hosting that means all emails connected to your old wordpress.com will not work because DNS name servers at godaddy are set up for new hosting “Namecheap”. I tried download WHATSAPP and wrote you there on your number but I cant see your phone number there.

PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP from your different EMAIL ADDRESS (email address which does not include @bibuilt.com) we need to put on godaddy back old DNS nameservers which were there before!!! ASAP sir

I TRIED also wrote you SMS and made 3 phone calls to you but it told me your number does not exist  +961 5 450 613 please contact me asap so we can fix it thanks a lot

UPDATE 4:17AM I hope I finally fix it. I sent to you test emails if both emails were delivered and you see them please answer on them ASAP! I will be here around 8 AM.