Alpha Business Intelligence Services

An API That Connect MS Power BI to Alpha Anywhere Platform

Register to DesignPMS Platform to Download the ABIS API




14 Days


1 Year

294 USD

Include ( 1 Hour of consultancy Fees)

2 Years

456 USD

Include ( 2 Hours of consultancy Fees)

Include ( 3 Hours of consultancy Fees)

3 Years

594 USD

Include ( 3 Hours of consultancy Fees)

Web Service Call Not Applied for License Verification

Javascript Function to be delivered by email 24h after purchase

690 USD


Yearly Maintenance Fees ( updates and Bugs fixation)

120 USD


Extra 1 Hour of Consulting Fees

95 USD

5 Steps, To Implement ABIS API

Step 1:

  • Download Power BI Desktop and Sign In into your Business Email

Link: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/

Connect to your SQL Server and Create a Report Sample

Step 2:

  • Install Gateway and sign in with same Power Bi Profile, in order to enable Power BI publishing to Web

Link: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/gateway/

  • Add Data Source and manage Gateway at this link

Link: https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/gateways

  • Create Workspace into the your Power BI Web Portal

Publish your report from your Power BI desktop to this Specific Workspace

Get the URL link, Group ID and Report ID

Step 3:

  • Register your Application on the below Link:

Link: https://dev.powerbi.com/apps

  • Verify Your custom domain, before granting access to your app on Azure Portal ( Not Shown in the demo Video)

Link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/fundamentals/add-custom-domain

  • Grant Access to Your Application into your Microsoft Azure Portal

Link: https://portal.azure.com

Step 4:

  • Access the Design PMS Platform for Business Intelligence

Link: https://www.designpms.com

Register your email and download a trial license for 14 days or Purchase a permanent license

Downloaded License file will include:

  • 3 Alpha Anywhere Grid

  • SQL query to run in order to create 3 SQL tables, that will store the power BI reporting parameters

  • 1 JavaScript Function to embed into Project Properties in Alpha Anywhere Platform

  • 1 A5W page, where the report will be loaded, in addition to an attached loading image.

Step 5:

  • Implement the alpha grids and related SQL tables

  • Fill the required Grids fields by: Power BI username and Password, Client ID, Client Secret, Group ID, Report ID

  • Visualize the report, with an ability to apply filtering

Developer will be able to access the code of the delivered a5w page, where he can add user filters and session variables parameters as well, that can be given as parameters for the report loading method.

Implementation Video Demo

Microsoft Power BI offer Free credit to test and deploy Power BI Embedded Functionality.

When your free credit are consumed, Microsoft Power Will charge you additional cost in relation to the time of report rendering per user login. Refer to the below Link for more details:

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